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I’m Alexander Bricken, an Old Etonian and graduated Minervan. I went from one of the most traditional high schools to one of the most unconventional universities. I love calculated risk.

Learning excites me. I majored in Computer Science with a custom concentration in Computational Operations Research. I love product management and data-driven decision-making. As well as this, I like to think of myself as a social entrepreneur, investor, and software engineer. I want to know about the world; whether it be biology, history, politics, philosophy or economics. I try to read as much as I can, and follow a bunch of free-thinkers and academics on my Twitter.

By hobby, I am a fitness enthusiast, photographer, drone-flyer, graphic designer, D&D player, and global traveller. I am teaching myself the guitar and wish I was a DJ. My curiosity also sometimes leads me down rabbit holes. I like making generative art, enjoy exploring the fundamentals of game design, and even have tried to produce some rap songs with friends.

Right now, I’m working at Palantir as a Deployment Strategist in New York City. My former professional experience includes working as a software engineer at PleasrDAO, a crypto collective with a mission of experimenting with novel concepts in community art ownership and live, interactive experiences. Prior to that I was at Amazon as a Business Intelligence Engineer Intern & worked at a ton of random start-ups along the way.

Feel free to read my life stories on my blog, see some projects on GitHub, connect with me on social media, or shoot me an email!


Where I've lived:

And I’ve been a tourist in many other places around the world. Some of my favourite places include Thailand, Iceland, The Maldives, Peru, Italy, and South Africa.

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