README is more than just accessible, it's a no-hand life-changer. Using a mini-camera attached to one's glasses, README retrieves text from an image and synthesizes an audio file that reads the text outloud for the person. Any text, handwritten or printed, can be read out loud, whether it be through the click of the button or voice activation.

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Optical Character Recognition

Using the document text detection feature under GCP Vision API, we retrieve text data from an uploaded base64 image in a JSON format.

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The text data is then sent over to GCP TTS, and the service synthesizes a base64 audio file. The pipeline of the GCP APIs is written in Golang and is served on Google Cloud App Engine as a REST API.

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README's technology empowers the blind to live better lives.


Utilizing Vision API and TTS to synthesize audio out of images.

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Simplifying the hosting process.

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Consuming the backend REST API.

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Creating a pipeline REST API for GCP.

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