Perspective-Shifting Pieces

Perspective-Shifting Pieces

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This is a series of profound articles on the internet that have inspired me to do more and be better. I hope you get the same outcome.

What You’ll Wish You’d Known – Paul Graham

The Tail End, Wait But Why – Tim Urban

Why books don’t work – Andy Matuschak

The Lesson To Unlearn – Paul Graham

How to Get Rich (without getting lucky) – Naval Ravikant

How To Work Hard – Paul Graham

Augmenting Long-term Memory, Augmenting Cognition – Michael Nielsen

How To Start A Startup – Paul Graham

Melatonin, – Gwern

Meditations On Moloch, SlateStarCodex – Scott Alexander

Scope Insensitivity, LessWrong – Eliezer Yudkowsky

adding more as I read… and when I remember to update this list.

Alexander Bricken

Alexander Bricken

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