Eton Societies

Eton Societies

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At Eton, I was more than focused to find my burning passions and hobbies.

Probably some of my greatest learning experiences, accomplishments, and time commitments at Eton was through my active engagement with societies.

I became Secretary of The Education Society to improve education at Eton and beyond, developing partnerships with other schools to create a more equitable and engaging education for others. We also drove the front of active student engagement and myself and a fellow student were the first students to sit on an academic development committee meeting.

Inspired by these opportunities, I founded The Social Impact Society to help students develop and pursue their passions in support of worthwhile charities. Additionally, my desire to provide less fortunate students the chance to explore new cultures led me to establish The Global Society, through which we funded a travel grant.

As a result of my passions, the faculty selected me as the Keeper (President) of Societies for my senior year.

My peers and I hosted the likes of Senator John Kerry, former CEO of Virgin Atlantic CEO Craig Kreeger, TV personality Big Narstie, and global traveller Graham Hughes. See pictures below!

Me introducing Big Narstie in front of 250 people.

Hosting John Kerry with some of the Eton administration.

The Global Society with Graham Hughes.
Alexander Bricken

Alexander Bricken

Travelling the world.

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